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I decided to set this site up primarily in the interest of preserving some of the software and music I created during the twelve years (1985-1997) which comprised one of the most interesting, intense, and creative periods of my life.  It was during this time that I discovered MIDI, Synthesizers, Sequencers, and all the other stuff that has allowed me to express my musical ideas.  I devoted a lot of those years to designing and building MidiLab/2, the world's first OS/2-based MIDI Sequencer, which gained a small amount of fame world-wide and put me in contact with some very nice people all over the globe.  MidiLab/2 has long been relegated to the dust-bin of history, but with the advent of powerful successors such as Encore and SONAR I continue to compose and produce music in my home studio. 

You'll also find a bit of information on me and some interesting trips and experiences I've had in the past, as well as a collection of photographs and other memorabilia.  And feel free to contact me about your own goings on!


Always happy to hear from you...  email or call at (707) 363-1890


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