The world's first MIDI Sequencer developed for IBM's OS/2 Operating System

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It's been almost thirty years since I first posted MidiLab/2 on Compuserve as a shareware product.  Regrettably (and ironically), I can no longer run it since I don't have access to an OS/2 operating system. For those of you running OS/2, feel free to download MidiLab/2 from this website with my compliments.  It should load and play standard MIDI files of 16 tracks or less. I no longer support it, but I'd love to hear from you if you get it up and running. 

As I noted on the home page, MidiLab/2 remains one of my most challenging efforts ever, taking up a full twelve years for development, driven by an intense devotion to bringing an OS/2 multimedia product to the world.  This page contains some of the memorabilia associated with that period, including free downloads of the product and its development kit. Music I produced with MidiLab/2 is available on the Music page.

Original Announcement - November 1993

MidiLab/2 is a MIDI Sequencer, Editor and data manager application for OS/2 Version 3 (Warp). Its primary functions- Record, Overdub, Playback, and Track Edit, and the other supporting functions, are controlled by CUA compliant PM user interface controls.

MidiLab/2 exploits the power of OS/2, including 32-bit operation, multi-threading, and Presentation Manager functions. It features minimal hardware and storage requirements while providing a high level of function and performance. Midi
Lab/2 supports the MIDI 1.0 File Specification. There are no special hardware nor software requirements other than a Roland MPU-401/IPC/IMC MIDI Processing Unit (or a compatible OEM unit which emulates the MPU in UART mode), and any system capable of running OS/2 Version 3

While a musician unfamiliar with computers should be able to readily use MidiLab/2 as a multi-track recorder, its full capability can best be realized with a reasonable knowledge of MIDI concepts and terminology, and general computer operation. It is assumed the user is familiar with MIDI-compatible equipment, and is aware of the role of a sequencer in a MIDI-based audio system.

MidiLab/2 targets the Multimedia creator, the MIDI musician, and hobbyists/home users in general as potential users of the program.

- Full exploitation of OS/2
- Sixteen tracks available for simultaneous playback
- Record/Overdub a predetermined number of measures
- Dynamic editing of track data with audio/visual presentation
- MIDI data stream editing at the byte or measure level
- Selective filtering of unwanted MIDI data
- Can synchronize with external MIDI/SMPTE clock
- Remote control capability from any MIDI device
- Transposition and velocity adjustment
- Note Quantization
- System Exclusive dump/restore utility
- Support of MIDI 1.0 file standard
- No pre-requisite software (except for the high resolution timer)
- Online HELP provides introduction, user's guide, and reference information including MIDI tutorial.

MidiLab/2 is available as Shareware from CompuServe (GO SWREG; registration ID 9510) or by contacting the author directly. The registration fee is $25 U.S. Support and non-CompuServe registration is available from:

James Bell
Far Pavilions Studio
PO Box 2314
Saratoga, Ca. 95070-0314

Telephone: (408) 378-9649
CompuServe: 71034,3001
Email: 71034.3001@compuserve.com

Please visit the MidiLab Web Page: ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/JLBell

(note: now obsolete! use jlbell.boldlygoingnowhere.org instead)

OS/2 is a trademark of the IBM Corporation. MPU 401/IPC/IMC are trademarks of the Roland Corporation


Download MidiLab/2 Program Files

mlab2v303.zip - The final distributed version, V3.03,  of MidiLab/2 for OS/2

mlabuart.zip - MidiLab/2 exposed!  All source and build files




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