James Bell

Suite for Orchestra, Op. 1

I - Tema con Variazione

II - Andante Cantabile

III - Allegro Agitato

IV - Elegia

V - Marcia al Trionfo


Suite for Orchestra is a work in five movements, employing a common unity of thematic material. The first of these movements, Tema con Variazione, opens with a cannonade of fiery brass and woodwind figures under a fountain of glittering percussive tones, announcing the cardinal theme for the first time. We are then led through a brief labyrinth to an extended rubato piano solo, accompanied by the virtual orchestra. As the solo completes its closing cadenza, we are abruptly returned to the discipline of tempo by a rumbling, protracted crescendo, spiraling upwards for five octaves, to a reprise and conclusion of the opening sequence.

Having thus exposed hints of the themes in this initial oratory, the remaining four movements of the suite provide each the opportunity to further develop within a pastiche of frameworks, ranging from the melodic
Andante Cantabile to the funereal Elegia. 

Suite for Orchestra

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V - Marcia al Trionfo Play View

James Bell has had long and successful careers simultaneously as a computer professional and as a jazz pianist and composer. In past decades he has also worked as a trombonist and arranger, traveling and performing with 'big bands' throughout the country. As the gap between computer technology and electronic synthesizers began to narrow in the mid 1980's, Jim discovered that it was now possible to transform into reality musical ideas that had long existed only in his mind, and the work that led to this composition was begun. It represents a confluence of skills, talents, and artistry garnered over a lifetime of creative endeavor.

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